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What is TamilRockers 

TamilRockers is an illegal website which provides some of the latest entertainment content such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bollywood online for HD downloads. TamilRockers is a torrent website that is quite well-known among South Indian film fans. TamilRockers is a desi version of the internationally famous Pirate Bay where users can download most Indian films and other content for free via torrent. Some popular films such as Tamil and other language films are uploaded regularly on this site. Even the URL has been blocked by the government, it can still be accessed using a proxy server.

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What is TamilRockers 

Legality of TamilRockers

Quoted in history, TamilRockers is a pirated recording network that was founded in 2011 and ends up being a public torrent website that can link to copies of Indian films to be hijacked and dubbed into various regional languages ​​along with native English audio.TamilRockers allows users to search and download content with the help of magnet links and torrent files, which facilitates peer to peer file sharing. TamilRockers is included in the tenth popular torrent site in the list of ten popular TorrentFreak torrent sites in 2020.

In India, ISP has been ordered to block access to illegal websites such as TamilRockers. However, usually illegal websites will continue to operate by using a new web address. TamilRockers provides the best service, for those who don’t want to pay anything to watch the latest movies in theaters. In fact, before the release of the latest film TamilRockers held open challenges, for example what happened in the Vijay Starrer case, TamilRockers threatened to upload the film on the day it was released.

How the TamilRockers Website Works

  TamilRockers uploaded the film after recording at a local cinema. Every member who contributes to this site is paid for work based on the number of copies downloaded.

This website always changes the URL to keep itself safe from the government.

Wiping out TamilRockers in the Industrial World

  News about two films that had just been released in a few hours, was uploaded on the TamilRockers website. Films Petta are not the only films affected by piracy by illegal sites. But that does not mean they will remain silent, for example the Petta team. The Petta Karthik Subbaraj team is now working hard all the time to bring down as many links as possible. In fact, in about forty-eight hours they have managed to take more than three hundred such sites with links to illegal copies of their films.

Pavan Narendra, Stone Bench Creations explained that film piracy in this industry was very similar to Hydra Of Learn from Greek Mythology, a monster capable of double regeneration from its severed head. Pavan also explained in detail, there are legal and technical options to fight this threat. According to Pavan there are two ways in which production houses must do by equipping themselves to fight piracy. Hire an IT team specifically to remove torrent links, and later there will be an IT cell that will delete the links.

Steps to download movies from Tamilrockers

However, this link isn’t only clicked once. There are several steps that must be done, such as the following:

  1. Verify the link
  2. Attach evidence and must be documented, because it will be legally questioned later.
  3. There must be a document strong enough to prove that this is indeed an illegal copy.
  4. Requests will be processed and will be given immediately to delete them.

Steps to download movies from Tamilrockers

All of this documentation is made online and the staff working on this usually has special arrangements with Internet Service Providers around the world. However, a hijacker is no less devious. It can pass through any country, through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a private network that uses a public network and the data sent is usually encrypted. VPN makes it easy for users to access content specifically for foreign countries, so they can pass the law. 

Block Illegal/ UNTRUSTED Websites

Searching from several sources, the Delhi High Court gave directions to Internet Providers to block access to some websites such as TamilRockers and other illegal sites. The court also directed several directives to the Telecommunications Department and the Information Technology Department to suspend domain names from websites that have violated copyrights and issued a notice asking Internet Service Providers to block these online sites. The court also kept some websites from hosting, streaming, reproducing, and distributing them to the public.

Nearly twelve thousand websites ordered to be blocked by the Court of Appeal, which is of the two thousand sites that allegedly belong to Tamils. Behind all that, the TamilRockers website is not only run by one entity or individual, but there are many and use anonymously as a cover.

The government even stressed that cases like this, will never end. The government has asked officials to act in accordance with the 2008 Information Technology Amendment Act. For now, the court has ordered that at least 1000 websites be removed.

Arrest Case of Piracy

In 2018, Kerala police have arrested members of two piracy sites that are quite well-known among the public. The cell, called anti-piracy, arrested five people suspected of being users of two different piracy sites. Among them, three from TamilRockers and two from DVD Rocker.

Arrests were made after an investigation for several months, to track down the two group members. DVD Rocker is said to have released several other famous films, and that was done after the film was released in theaters. Although they are suspected of releasing pirated versions of Aadi, no written complaints have been filed with the police. Unfortunately, even though the government has worked hard to eradicate piracy in the industrial world, illegal sites can still be accessed using a different domain.


This content is for reference purposes and this website does not promote piracy, we just help to know this website. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the copyright Act of 1957.